How to get DQFanFeedback Rewards

Dairy Queen fan feedback survey offers you exciting rewards and a chance to win free food coupons by visiting its official site Thus, if you have the urge to take part in the dairy queen fan feedback survey, first, you must be familiar with Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen restaurants resides under the franchise of International Inc. company. Restaurants and stores that work under International Inc. are Orange Julius and Karmel Korn. Dairy Queen has a mammoth chain of fast food restaurants and Soft Service Ice cream, which was first developed, as the history tells, by DQ founder J. F. McCullough, his son Alex and his friend Sherb Noble. The first restaurant of DQ was opened at Joliet Illinois. On June 22, 1940, the company was started. The headquarters of DQ are situated in Edina, Minnesota, United States. The estimated number of places where DQ has opened their restaurant were around 6,400, according to the survey done in 2014 in US Domestic.

As we have come to know most of the facts about Dairy Queen, we can now see what DQfanfeedback survey is all about. So, the most important principle of the DQFanFeedback Survey is to deliver the best services, the best food, and a better experience at the restaurant. The survey gives a chance to the restaurants to get the common estimated perspective about the satisfaction of the customer with the DQ franchise. As free food coupons and gifts are gifted to the survey customers, online questions are asked as a mere competition for the customers. Yet simple questions and queries will have to be answered in the feedback survey in which users have to present their views.

Steps to enter DQFanFeedback Survey

  • First, enter the DQ fan feedback survey official website (link mentioned above).
  • Open the site and enter the 19 digit phone number or code alloted on your receipt along with the date and time of your visit.
  • Next, they will ask about your experience while you visited their restaurant and give feedback about any changes required or not.
  • You must express your personal feedback about your experience of visiting their restaurants and mention your perspective, if necessary, for the issues like:
  1. Order Exactness
  2. Food Quality
  3. Speed of service
  4. Friendliness of employees
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Comfort and atmosphere
  7. The total worth of your visit
  8. Overall guest experience
  • After the completion of the feedback page, they will give you a message that you will be notified by the survey in a week about the result.
  • Very carefully, note down the survey code given on your visit receipt.
  • You have to visit again the DQ store within 30 days of your notification of validation code in order to get free coupons.

DQFanFeedback Rewards

The winners of the DQfanfeedback Survey will be offered free prizes, coupons and vouchers like coupons for free food, dilly bar, and amazing gifts as such. The winners will be specially invited to eat dishes which they desire.